Windows Phone 8.1 Calendar will include weather forecasts


One app that is getting several new features in Windows Phone 8.1 is the Calendar. The Windows Phone Calendar has always been low on features, especially after Google Sync stopped working. We’ve already seen the new week view, multiple Google Calendar support, and now another cool feature for the Calendar is weather forecasts.

In the screenshot above, which also shows the new week view again, you can see little weather icons and temperatures in the top right corner of each day. Sometimes it shows just the temperature, while other times it shows a weather icon next to the temperature. Next Friday, for example, it shows 35 degrees and snow. It’s not clear where Microsoft is getting their weather information from or how it knows the location.

We are loving the improvements to the Calendar app so far. A lot of 3rd-party options have popped up in order to fill the need for power users. These changes will make it easier to use the stock app. Do you use the stock Windows Phone Calendar app or a 3rd-party app? Do you use a cloud-service for your calendars?

[via wmpu]


  • Yat Man

    With all these calendar mods, is there finally a search coming??

  • I certainly hope so.