Windows Phone 8.1 will finally make NFC tags useful


You didn’t think we were done with Windows Phone 8.1 leaks yet, did you? At this point we might as well call it a flood. The next feature to get shown off fro the 8.1 SDK is NFC. Currently you can’t really do much with NFC. It doesn’t make anything easier. If you have a tag programmed to open an app there is still a prompt that you have to tap. NFC is supposed to do things without you have to touch the phone.

The screenshot above is from the NFC settings in Windows Phone 8.1. The section on top is called “Apps I trust.” It looks like you will be able to select certain apps to just open without the prompt. So, for example, if you want a NFC tag to open HERE Drive you can make that app “trusted.” Then when you tap your phone to the tag it will just open automatically.

For anyone that has tried to use NFC with a Windows Phone this is a very big deal. NFC can be an incredibly handy tool, but not if you have to still interact with your phone. That defeats the whole purpose. We’re glad to see Microsoft taking this approach. Instead of making everything trusted it will be up to the users. Power to the people.

[via Windows Phone Lovers]


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