First Windows Phone app to support Chromecast arrives

windows phone chromecast

If you have a Windows Phone and one of Google’s super cheap Chromecast video-streaming devices there isn’t much you can do. In fact, until today there was exactly nothing you could do with it. The ever resourceful and dependable Windows Phone developers have come through once again. The first Windows Phone app with Chromecast support is finally here.

Google released the SDK for Chromecast a few weeks ago. The SDK is specifically for iOS and Android, but that has never stopped Windows Phone developers in the past. Tube Cast is the first Windows Phone app that can send videos to a Chromecast. It doesn’t offer much else in terms of features, but if you’re looking to share some YouTube videos this is your only option.

The app is extremely simple. Just choose your Chromecast from the drop down, do a search for a YouTube video, tap the one you want, and watch it play on your TV. That’s it. No pause, stop, or seek. The dev hopes to add more features in the future. Right now this will have to do. Download Tube Cast below for free.

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  • 1MyTh

    Nothing from Google is touching my flawless virgin Lumia.

  • Good thing Google had nothing to do with this app!

  • 1MyTh

    It runs on google’s api and device!

  • Travis McEndree

    You’re a fucking idiot.

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