Don’t be this girl: Keep your web browsing history private


The internet has made it easy to be caught doing something stupid. Just ask the Illinois student whose phone was used in a WGN story. For just a brief second you could see “” in her browser history, but with DVR nothing is a “brief second.” Now the picture has been plastered all over Reddit and she is embarrassed.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If you’re dumb enough to look up NSFW material on your phone you should at least clear your history before letting anyone use it. There are a few simple things you can do on a Windows Phone to remove your sketchy past searches and hide other stuff you want to keep away from prying eyes. Let’s take a look.

Clear Browsing Data in Internet Explorer & Bing

The first thing you can do is super simple. Just open up Internet Explorer, go to Settings, and tap the [delete history] button. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Since Windows Phone doesn’t fully support 3rd-party browsers there isn’t much else to worry about.

If you’re using Bing to find your desired material you should also clear that history too. Tap the physical Search button on your phone, go to Settings, and then tap the [delete history] button at the bottom of the page. Now your phone should be clean (literally and figuratively).

Other Windows Phone Browsers

As mentioned above, Windows Phone doesn’t really support 3rd-party browsers in the way that Android does. You can’t set a browser to open links from other apps. IE is the built-in default browser for everything you do. Still, there are some options out there that don’t suck. The browsers below all include some sort of “Private Mode” for browsing. In this mode your history won’t be recorded.

Other Tips for keeping your info private

If you’re still having a problem with people finding your sensitive information you may have a problem. There are a few other things you can do, though.

  • Use a passcode on your lockscreen. Go to Settings > Lockscreen > toggle the “Password” switch on and follow the instructions.
  • Put your phone in Kids Corner before handing it to someone. Check out our Kids Corner tutorial here.
  • Don’t fill your browser history with incriminating results in the first place!

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