Windows Phone 8.1 OTA update will arrive on devices this summer

wp 8.1 mock 2

We’ve been talking a lot about Windows Phone 8.1 in the past few weeks. All of the great new features have users drooling. Naturally, the question on everyone’s mind is “when can we get it?!” We’ve been saying members of the Developer Preview will get the update around the same time that Microsoft announces 8.1, but what about everyone else?

WPBar is reporting that the OTA (over the air) update for Windows Phone 8.1 will come sometime between June and August. During this same period we can expect to see some new devices. Members of Microsoft’s free Developer Preview, however, will be able to get 8.1 in April. The OTA update will also come to those devices. Microsoft will likely announce their update timeline in April as well.

This is why we love the Developer Preview. It allows people like us to use the OS before anyone else. The average Windows Phone user probably doesn’t even realize a massive update is on the way. It’s not hard for them to wait, but it is agonizing for those of us in the know. Head over here to find out how to be in the Developer Preview.


  • Margarine

    I’m glad I can get it earlier!

  • Edgar Meza

    Huge update for Windows Phone!! it reminds me of Mango… can’t wait to try it

  • it’s like Mango on steroids!

  • Edgar Meza

    You got that right!!

  • Arun M Joseph

    I’ll be getting it earlier…!!! As like GDR3…!