Microsoft is cutting Windows Phone app certification times down to one hour


Microsoft has always been a company that cares deeply about developers. [Insert Steve Ballmer quote here.] Despite all that Microsoft does for developers, sometimes the hardest part is just getting your app in the Store. Certification times for the Windows Phone Store can sometimes exceed seven days. Microsoft is working on trimming this time down to one day, and sometimes just one hour.

Microsoft is in the early stages of rolling out this new certification process to the Windows Phone Store. They will also be adding new tools to better alert developer when their apps are done being tested. Obviously this is a very big deal for developers. It’s crucial to be able to get apps and app updates out quickly. It helps encourage developers when they know it won’t be a week before they can see their app. This will be a welcomed change just in time for Windows Phone 8.1.

[via Microsoft]

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    This will make it easier for quick fixes