[Poll] Does Microsoft need a “Nexus” for Windows Phone?


An interesting discussion has been going on in the Windows Phone subreddit this morning. A user created a post with the title “Microsoft needs its own Nexus style phone. “Surface Phone.”┬áHis argument is that Microsoft needs to have a device that they sell only through their own store at a very low price, and it will always get the latest updates.

It’s an interesting topic. Do you think Microsoft needs a Nexus-like device? We would argue that they already do have Nexus-like phones. Devices like the Nokia Lumia 525 are extremely cheap, can run all apps, and with Microsoft’s Developer Preview you can get updates immediately. High-end devices like the Nexus 5 are a little harder to come by.

The Nokia Lumia Icon is a similar phone to the Nexus 5 in terms of specs. The Nexus 5 is only $350 off-contract, while the Lumia Icon is a full $200 more expensive. You won’t find an off-contract Windows Phone device for much less than that if you want to compete with the Nexus 5. If Microsoft was ever going to offer a Nexus phone now would be the time.

Withe the Nokia acquisition almost complete Microsoft has a great hardware maker to design a Surface phone. By keeping everything in-house and with Microsoft’s bigger wallet they can afford to keep costs low. Do you think Microsoft should release a Nexus-like Surface phone?

  • Nick Mantzoros

    At this time, no – Microsoft has been courting small companies to develop for them and give them free high end phones to showcase their apps on. It’s just a matter of if the developers want to write code for windows phone.

  • the garbage pail kid

    No. The OS is the same from device to device. Google needed a nexus device to show you what the OS looked like with out all of the bloat ware and skinning.

  • sin isfree

    YES. the way i see it, MS need to pump up their hardware, can’t depend on OEM anymore, MS need to go Apple, produce their own WP Phones for all market segments.

  • vivzZ

    nicely said.

  • eu

    i dont know if they need but thar wiuld be awesome they have de best OS they just need to spread the word and good quality phones an this awesome OS are the best combination

  • tkjazzer

    Is there a windows phone that you can buy unlocked and use on three of the four major US carriers? That is what microsoft needs for me to pull the trigger and buy a windows phone.