Nokia X gets teased again, this time with some weird clues

nokia x mark

By now it is a well know fact that Nokia will be announcing their first Android phone at Mobile World Congress next week. There have been dozens of leaks and Nokia themselves have started to tease it. After turning their social networks green last week, today Nokia is making the tease more official with a countdown and some weird photos.

Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia blog, has posted a countdown to their MWC press conference. Everything is green to match their social network icons. They also have a giant X icon on the top of the page that seems to confirm the “Nokia X” name. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A Chinese site has some unreleased teasers from Nokia with some odd images.


Alright, so it’s roughly the shape of Spain, and “X marks the spot” in the general area of Barcelona. Nothing too strange here, but it gets weirder.


It’s a tree with a DNA strand underneath. They have traced another “X” over part of the strand. We don’t understand what the tree means, but the X is pretty obvious. Let’s go deeper.


What the heck is this? They have the same tree as before, but now there is a kid dressed like a monkey and an actual monkey involved. We have no clue what this is supposed to mean. Do you?

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