Top 5 Social Apps for Windows Phone [Video]


One could make a very convincing argument that smartphones have become popular just so people can use social networks on the go. Every mobile app store is full of social apps for accessing Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc. There is no escape. If you don’t use any of these services you are considered a crazy person.

So, what apps are you going to use? Official apps or 3rd-party offerings? The perfect social app can be a tough one to find, especially since new ones seem to come out every week. In an attempt to help you decide I am sharing my top five social apps that I use on a daily basis. Some of them are official, some aren’t. These are my favorites. Your experiences may very.


When it comes to SnapChat there is no official option available. That’s fine, because 6snap by Rudy Huyn is excellent. It does everything you could ever want, and more. If SnapChat ever does come out with a Windows Phone app it will be hard to top 6snap.


6tag is a similar story to 6snap. It is developed by Rudy Huyn as an alternative to the official Instagram app. It has many more features than the official app, including basic functionality like videos and direct messages. There is really no reason not to use 6tag.


I have tried more Twitter accounts than I can count. At one time I had almost a half-dozen of Twitter apps installed on my phone because I couldn’t decide which one was the best. Eventually I just decided to stick with the official app. It’s simple, light weight, has all the options I want, and I don’t have to spend time configuring it.


The official Tumblr app is an app that I use every day despite it not being great. Pictures don’t load sometimes, and uploading just refuses to work half the time. I use the official app because all of the other ones I’ve tried aren’t any better. There is a big opportunity for someone to create an awesome 3rd-party Tumblr app.


The newest app on my list is Readit. This is a visually stunning Reddit app that made me finally stop using Baconit (a great app in its own right). The features are powerful and easy to use. The design is beautiful and feels great on a Windows Phone. Readit has become one of the best Windows Phone apps.


For honorable mention I have Ciel. If you like sharing photos with a little more information this is a great app. It can overlay the weather, your location, food reviews, and more on any photo you take. Then you can share it to your favorite social network.

What are your favorite social apps? Did I mention any of them? Do you disagree with my list? Let me know below!

  • Dan Toni

    i’m sure that local social networks are the next thing (like circle, meetey), it’s only a matter of time