Windows Phone 8.1 will make Battery Saver much more useful

battery power sense hero

One of the new features discovered last week during the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK flood was Battery Power Sense. This feature was described as “Data Sense for the battery,” but not much else was known. Today a few more details have come out to clear up the picture on Battery Power Sense. Like everything else in Windows Phone 8.1, it is sounding great.

Currently there is a section in the Settings called “battery saver.” In there you can put your phone into low-power state to conserve as much battery as possible. You can still receive calls and texts, but everything else is basically turned off unless you specifically access an app. This is already a very handy feature, but Battery Power Sense is taking Battery Saver to the next level.

Battery Power Sense will allow for even more user customization. Instead of only calls and texts working in Battery Saver mode you will be able to allow other apps to work. This will be especially useful for people who use messaging apps for communication. Battery Saver is already one of the best features unique to Windows Phone. With these new options it will be even better.

[Twitter via wpc]


  • Nham Thien Duong

    This battery saver app, well the power sense one e is a great improvement to my phone, a few weeks ago my mother was mocking my Nokia Lumia 920 for not having a percentage counter as on her ”cheap” Acer phone, I really hope that a battery counter will be ever-present, so far Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) will include ALL features present in Windows Mobile 6.5(.X), but now it will also add some extra functionality like the much requested notification centre, even if it won’t be ever present I hope to receive the same types of battery notifications like ”10% left” or ”10 minutes left” as I do on my Windows P.C.

  • tN0

    You can see the percentage when you open the Action Center in 8.1.