Windows Phone 8.1 swipe keyboard shown off in action [Video]

swipe key

One of the Windows Phone 8.1 features we haven’t seen much is the new swipe keyboard. The rumor was first started with a comment from someone in the know, but now we can actually see it in action. The video below from UnleashThePhones shows how the swipe keyboard looks and works. There aren’t any surprises here. It works exactly how you would expect.

Dragging your finger across the keys creates a line that follows your finger. The line matches the accent color that you have chosen, and it disappears slowly to show what keys you touched. Word suggestions still appear above the keyboard in case the swiping wasn’t accurate. The keyboard itself looks exactly the same as in Windows Phone 8. The only difference is you can drag your finger over it.

This swipe keyboard will come in handy when you only have one hand available to type. It will be interesting to see how accurate Microsoft has made this keyboard. People that come over from Android will be comparing it to great keyboards like Swype and SwiftKey. What do you think about this feature? Do you plan on using the swipe keyboard or is the regular typing good enough?

[via The Verge]


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