Booklet (Beta) is like Facebook Paper for Windows Phone


A couple of weeks ago Facebook unveiled a new app called “Paper.” They introduced it as a news reader app, but it actually can be used to access Facebook and do most of the things you would do regularly. The only difference is it’s much, much prettier to look at. A developer has taken it upon himself to recreate this for Windows Phone. Enter Booklet (beta).

Booklet operates almost exactly like Facebook Paper. Your newsfeed is displayed with a list of horizontally scrollable cards. You can flick a card up to read more, leave a comment, or like the post. Across the top you can scroll through different sections that are determined by pages you like. A “Sports” section will show posts from all the sports pages you like.

Basic Facebook functionality is also present in Booklet. You can pull down from anywhere to create a new post. You can do text, photo, or location posts. Think of Booklet as a Facebook app that is actually enjoyable. If you’d like to be a part of the public beta you can download Booklet below for free.

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