Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center caught on video

wp 8.1 mock 5

After seeing dozens and dozens of screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1 we are finally starting to see some of these features on video. Yesterday it was the new swipe keyboard, and today it is an even bigger feature. For the first time we can see the new Notification Center (a.k.a. Action Center) in, well, action.

As expected, the Action Center is displayed by swiping down from the top of the screen. The previous screenshots of the Action Center have all been accurate. In the video we can see the four Quick Settings buttons up top with the notifications listen below. Speaking of Quick Settings, we also get to see how you choose what you want in the four spots.

Tapping one of the spots in the Action Center settings opens a list of everything you can put in the Quick Settings. After selecting one of the options it is instantly available in the Action Center. One other thing to note is the new animation that can be seen after choosing one of the options. We expect to see this across the entire OS.

Now that you have seen the Action Center in action what do you think? Is it everything you hoped for?

[via UnleashthePhones]


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