Details emerge on how Cortana will work in Windows Phone 8.1

cortana phone

While everything has been leaking from the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK one feature has managed to stay a mystery: Cortana. Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now has been talked about a lot, but in terms of actual features we know very little. Even the name “Cortana” was uncertain at one time. Today we have finally leared about some critical details. Let’s take a look.

These details come from sources at The Verge. Cortana will completely replace the built-in Bing search, which is launched by the search button. Cortana will act like a mix between Siri and Google Now, helping you in the now and planning for later. Once again Cortana is said to be present in the form of an animated circle icon. She will take on the color of the accent you have chosen.

The circle will animate when speaking or thinking, and bounce around the screen and show emotion. Another new feature we have not heard about yet is Notebook. This will allow users to choose exactly which things are shared with Cortana. Users won’t have to worry about Cortana accessing too much data and making them feel uneasy. She will keep learning as you use her more, but she will only learn what you want her to learn.

Cortana will also be able to learn locations, like work and home. She will use that information to help with traffic and direction. Everything is shaping up very nicely with Cortana. It sounds like the perfect mix between Siri and Google Now. A helpful assistant that can give you answers and help you plan your day.


  • rysliv

    So, saying completely replaced, you mean just the voice search function? Or must we use our voice instead of typing in queries to search.

  • I’m pretty sure that just means the Bing app won’t launch. Cortana will handle all forms of searches.

  • Given the vagaries of voice recognition (e.g., on my Moto X, words like “insinuate” come out as argle-bargle along the lines of “in sin you ate”), that sounds like a formula for truly epic fail if true….