Got wood? The Lumia 925 does with awesome veneer backs

wood lumia 925

When the Moto X was announced with a promise of wood backs a lot of people got excited. Most phones these days only come in black and white, but Nokia has been good about releasing phones in numerous colors. The one thing they haven’t done is offer the same phone in several material choices. That’s what Motorola did, and now you can do it too with a 3rd-party accessory.

Lastu has made some beautiful wooden veneers that can be applied to the Lumia 925. The veneers come in two different types of wood: Curly Birch and Kelo. The birch is a nice light-colored wood while the Kelo is a darker shade. If you want to feel really special the veneers are made from wood only available in the Nordic. Be sure to mention that around your iPhone-toting friends.

The veneers are applied just like any other skin. They can be easily removed without leaving any marks on your beloved Lumia 925. The Lastu wooden veneers will run you €25 ($34), and that includes free engraving. Pick one up today with the link below!

Lastu Wooden Skin

Thanks Nik!

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