Microsoft will allow you to skin Start Screen tiles in Windows Phone 8.1


The Start Screen in Windows Phone 8.1 has been seeing a lot of buzz lately. First we heard rumblings about background wallpaper being added, then that was allegedly confirmed. Now a new feature is being talked about: live tile skins. Instead of putting wallpaper behind your tiles it could be put right on top of them.

Tom Warren from The Verge tweeted: “sounds like Microsoft is gonna use a Skinery-style across tiles.” Skinery is an app that allows you to customize your live tiles to get the effect pictured above. This is cool because if you put a wallpaper behind the live tiles on a Windows Phone you actually can’t see much of it. Some rumors have said Microsoft will allow the tiles to be transparent. Now with these new claim it sounds like Microsoft is really opening up the customization.

We love options, and we love anything that makes a phone feel more personal. Customization like this will make sure no two Windows Phone devices look-alike. That is something Microsoft has always preached. Do you like this type of customization? Would you use it?


  • George Benitez

    God yes please..

  • RockMarz


  • Vincent Bell



    This would rock, now I just need money to get a 1020

  • Leonard Alfred

    Heck yeah, I have been wait for wallpaper or picture customizing for a while.