Nokia Lumia Icon available now from Verizon – are you getting one?

Lumia Icon

It’s always a good day when a new Windows Phone device goes on sale, and that makes today a very good day. The Nokia Lumia Icon is available now from Verizon stores and online. You can pick one up for $199 with a new contract, $549 off contract, or about $23 per month on Edge. Verizon customers have been waiting a long time for a new Nokia flagship, and the Icon hopes to be that device.

The Lumia Icon can be easily summed up as “a pocketable version of the Lumia 1520.” It has the same quad-core processor, 20MP camera, and a 1080p display, but the display is a full inch smaller than the massive 1520. The Icon also trades in the classic Nokia design for a sharp and blocky aluminum build. This is an excellent device for Verizon customers. Big Red finally has something that will make the folks on AT&T jealous.

Are you picking up a Lumia Icon today or any time soon? We should be getting our Lumia Icon today, too. Look out for our full review to go up some time next week!

Be sure to join the Lumia Icon forums to share your experiences and ask any questions you might have!

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  • Nick Mantzoros

    Got one! It’s pretty cool so far – Disappointed in the alarm clock though – I think it only rings once – any suggestions for a better one?