‘Modern Mayor’ is Nokia’s first Windows Phone game, looks like SIM City

modern mayor 2

Nokia has just released a brand new game for Windows Phone. That’s right, a game. We believe this is the first game Nokia has developed for Windows Phone. It’s called “Modern Mayor,” and it’s similar to what you might find in a game like SIM City. The game is available for free for Lumia devices, but there are some in-app purchases. Let’s take a look at what Modern Mayor is all about.

You play as the head planner for a dying city. Pollution is choking the air and trash is piling up in the streets. It’s your job to save the city and turn it into the green metropolis it once was. If you’re a fan of city simulation games this will be a great game to play. You get to build roads, apartments, office building, malls, and much more. Nature responds to every decision you make, so make sure you don’t kill the trees!

modern mayor

This game is all about the environment, both in the game and reality. In-app purchases go towards charities that help make the world healthier and happier. You can play this game and feel good about spending a few bucks to reach the next level. We love Nokia for trying to better the world with a game. Check out the video below and download Modern Mayor today for free on Lumia devices.

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  • azaright

    So is this a review? arely any screenshots or a review video? and any content to add lol

  • Who told you this was a review? I certainly never said it was. This is an announcement post.