Nokia Lumia Icon audio and video comparison [Video]

“See and hear what you’ve been missing.”

That’s the tagline Nokia has given the Lumia Icon. With four mics spread out across the device they have put a focus on making audio sound great in recorded videos. That may seem like a weird thing to focus on, but if you’ve ever recorded a video with your phone in a noisy situation you know how much it sucks. Are four mics enough to fix this? Let’s find out.


Since the Lumia Icon has mics on the front and back of the device there is a new option in the Video settings called “Directional Audio.” When this option is turned on it records audio more from the front of the device. When it’s turned off it records audio from all sides. So, for example, if you are narrating a video of something you want it to record your voice from behind the camera. If you’re recording something in front of you wouldn’t want that.

In our testing with the Lumia Icon vs. the Lumia 925 we weren’t blown away by the audio. In the windy outdoor situation it didn’t perform much better than the Lumia 925. There were some slight improvements, but not mind-blowing like we were hoping. Indoors it was a little more apparent that the Icon was picking up audio from only one direction.


The 20MP PureView camera on the Lumia Icon definitely outclassed the 8.7MP PureView on the Lumia 925. In the outdoor situation the 925 looked blurry and much shakier. The Icon had a lot more detail and the OIS was more stable. The one thing that the 925 seemed to do better was color reproduction. The Icon added a red hue to everything.

What do you think about the comparison? Is Nokia’s tagline accurate? Were you impressed or underwhelmed?

  • geminiY

    I would have liked to see a conversation between 2 people (one of them recording with the phone), i think that would have been a better way to test the multi-directional mics. Hard to draw a conclusion based off the 2 scenarios you recorded.

  • I agree. I will do further testing for the full review.