Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 520 continue to eat up more of the pie


The latest numbers from AdDuplex are in, and once again we get a nice look into the statistics of Windows Phone usage. Windows Phone 8 devices now make up 80% of all Windows Phone devices in the world. That number goes to show how much more popular Windows Phone has become ever since WP7. We also have to take into consideration old devices that have been retired.


We’ve mentioned many times in the past that the Lumia 520 is far and away the most popular Windows Phone device in the world. Now we have even more data to back that up. The Lumia 520 makes up 33% of Windows Phone devices worldwide. The Lumia 920 comes in second at 7.4%. In the U.S. the Lumia 521 has 27.4% and the Lumia 520 still has a healthy 14.9%. That’s a whopping 42.3% of U.S. Windows Phone devices.


Nokia’s low-end phones continue to do extremely well across the globe. These numbers just make the Nokia X even more confusing. They are already doing so well with low-end Windows Phone devices. What does Android offer? Nokia is soon to be owned by Microsoft. They won’t be paying licensing fees for Windows Phone. There is no clear reason for using Android.

[via wmpu]

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