BBM for Windows Phone is coming this summer


Windows Phone is about to get another popular messaging app. Today BlackBerry announced that BBM will be coming to Windows Phone devices this summer. This is the same app that arrived on Android and iOS several months ago. BlackBerry also announced that BBM will come pre-loaded on Nokia’s new “X” line of Android devices.

BBM was one of the original messaging services that people used to avoid standard SMS. It uses unique BlackBerry PIN numbers instead of usernames or phone numbers. Users can also add contacts with QR codes provided to each user. Features include instant messaging, delivery and read confirmations, voice calling, file sharing, live location sharing, and more.

BBM is still a popular messaging service, but there are many more options out there now. Great apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and even Facebook Messenger have made BBM less relevant than it used to be. This app will be great for those people who have a lot of friends still using BlackBerry, but want to switch to a Windows Phone. Keep your eye out for BBM this summer.

[Press Release: BlackBerry]

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