Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia X family [Chart]

Nokia X chart

Nokia is officially an Android manufacturer, though not in the way Android fans were hoping. Their new “X line” of devices use a heavily customized forked version of Android to get Nokia and Microsoft services into emerging markets. Today they announced the Nokia X, X+, and XL. All three of these devices are largely the same as the Nokia X, but with some small differences.

Nokia is not new to the low-end smartphone market. The Lumia 520 has been dominating Windows Phone ever since release. It has an experience that is unrivaled by other low-end devices. The 520 has been praised almost unanimously for out classing low-end Android devices in every way. This is what makes Nokia’s use of Android so interesting.

Now that the X devices are out we have to compare them to their Windows Phone counterpart: the Lumia 520. As you can see in the chart above they are all very similar. The 520 and the Nokia X are essentially the exact same device, save for storage and physical size difference. The X+ has slightly more RAM, and the XL has a bigger screen and front camera. The next question will be how does performance compare. We look forward to testing that out.

  • Dan

    I just heard x and x+ are 3MP camera shooters. Help me understand.

  • Joe Fedewa

    You are correct. Sorry about that.

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    Seems to me there is no great advantage to the Nokia X Android phones aside from being able to run Android Apps on them. I don’t believe that Nokia prior to the buyout had to pay for Windows Phone licensing either so that effectively makes WP free for them just like AOSP. I don’t get it.

  • vJ

    Dear Dan – You are right that Nokia X is 3mp (there is gross error on this weblink, by mentioning it as 5mp). So Nokia 520 has advantage with 5mp. Best, vJ