Microsoft is not happy about Nokia’s Android phones

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Today was a very strange day for Nokia and Microsoft. Stephen Elop was visibly excited and nervous about their new Android devices. Every time he would say the word “Android” it was quickly followed with a mention of some Microsoft service. He did not want to upset the giant company that is bailing his company out.

That’s what made the day so strange. Microsoft actively campaigns against Android and tries to get people to #switch. They are very close to finalizing their deal to buy Nokia’s hardware division, which means when that goes through they will now own Android devices. A very strange thing for a company that has had many battles with Google and their OS.

The big question on everyone’s mind after Nokia unveiled their Android devices was “what does Microsoft think about this?” Joe Belfiore is the only person to speak on the behalf of Microsoft so far, and he didn’t have great things to say.

“Some things we’re excited about, some things we’re less excited about. Whatever they do, we’re very supportive of them.”

We get the feeling that Microsoft will not be continuing the “X line” after the acquisition gets finalized. There is no reason why Nokia can’t pump out devices at the same cost as the X when they don’t have to pay Windows Phone licensing fees. Right now is a strange and awkward time for the two companies as they wait for the deal to be final.

[via CNET]

  • Mike E. Delta

    Absolutely ridiculous! You’re taking comments out of context and have NO idea what you’re talking about…acting as if there’s no collaboration or planning behind this. Why are you baffled by this? It’s not that complicated. =

  • Tony Anderson

    I personally think it’s brilliant. Make an Android phone, make it look like Windows Phone UI, and preload it with Microsoft services. Being a devices and services company – they’re selling a device and with their services on it. And it can also make the ‘Nokia’ brand become more popular and lead to more WP sales in the future.

  • Why do you think they collaborated? Microsoft does not own Nokia, and in fact it is really important that they continue to work independently until they acquisition goes through.

  • Mike E. Delta

    Of course but its not like Microsoft hasn’t been trying to make every concession they can to get things moving in their direction… they may not have done anything directly or anywhere near what Nokia was doing but I’m sure they can make do with it. Sure, “some things we’re less excited about” but that’s obvious. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense to them. What they might not be happy about, since we are speculating is the likely eventual fallout with Google making any sort of fuss to using Android in a way that doesn’t benefit them at all… it will happen. X is pointing squarely in Microsoft’s direction and it can only help their cause.

  • I think it could be a real good step forward for the low-end markets they are planning this in. If you can get new (or even newish) smartphone users into the Microsoft ecosystem, even if its via a forked version of Android, you can draw them into your larger marketplace down the road a whole lot easier.

    And if you can get developers to work with you on releasing their Android apps in your forked marketplace, and using Microsofts services for that, then you’re building relationships that can yield more WinPhone apps as well.

  • Sam

    Is Elop still connected with Nokia I thought he moved hence Nokia managed to make a phone. If he was still in Nokia he would have killed it like all other devices and OS.

  • Kaveramman

    Firstly, accept that this indicates death of Windows Phone.

    Secondly, it is always possible to sideload Google apps on Nokia X. So, there is no guarantee that Microsoft services are always used.

    Thirdly, developers will abandon Windows Phone apps and concentrate only on Android apps and make them portable with little effort.

  • iLove2argue

    that’s ur opinion. and my opinion is opposite of yours. hows that?

  • iLove2argue

    so now android users are you contented now with NOKIA branding android? if we talk about low end android is laggy as snail.

  • Raj Brar

    Good job Nokia. Step into the light! App developers are very lazy or hate working on more than one platform. I hear the complaints all the time from devs and businesses. I rather make my app for iOS where I know people like spending money. Then Android market and finally maybe BlackBerry 10 (android support) finally wp8.