Overhauled Spotify app coming to Windows Phone this Spring


Spotify has had a Windows Phone app for a while, but anyone that uses it will tell you how bad it is. Their Android and iOS apps have been slowly accumulating features that the Windows Phone app is missing. A new update will be coming this Spring that will adopt a much more Android-like UI, but also gain all the missing features users have been begging for.

Spotify is not the first company to abandon the Metro UI in favor of more features. Facebook also did it with their Windows Phone app. The screenshots Spotify has shared show how much more they can do by dropping the Metro UI. Features like radio, browse, and discover will finally be available to Windows Phone users. The update will initially only be available to Spotify Premium users, but will soon thereafter come to Spotify Free.

Are you a Spotify user? Are you okay with companies ditching Metro for more features? Do you think that’s lazy?

[via Spotify]


  • Derrick Reid

    I was a Spotify premium user and had the original app on my 925, but it was just awful. It looked like it was designed by a drunk 4 year old! Completely unusable and had no real logic behind the UI. Thankfully, Napster finally sorted out their App for the WP8/UK store and I’m far happier with that provider. Has a very nice UI and works seamlessly with my Surface 2 and their main internet site….and no Spotify-like install required.