The Nokia X will be Microsoft’s first and last Android device [Editorial]

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In marriage they always tell the couple that when you say “I do” you are saying it to not only the other person, but also to everything they bring to the relationship. You might not like some of the other person’s baggage, but you accept them and leave it in the past. Microsoft is going through a similar experience with their acquisition of Nokia’s hardware business.

The baggage in this relationship is Nokia’s new Android phones. Microsoft has not been shy about how they feel about Google and Android. They urge users to make the #Switch to Windows Phone, and they’ve attacked Android devices with campaigns like “Smoked by Windows Phone” and “Scroogled.” Yet, once their deal with Nokia is finalized they will be sitting with three Android devices under their umbrella.

This is what makes the Nokia X line so unique and special. The timing for these devices to actually see the light of day had to be just right. Nokia started working on them early enough that the Microsoft deal had not started yet, but late enough that they actually were able to release them before the deal closed. You might wonder “why wouldn’t Microsoft just tell them to stop?” It’s not that easy.

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When companies are being evaluated, like Microsoft and Nokia are for the acquisition to be approved, it’s important to go on like business as usual. Nokia had started to work on the Nokia X before Microsoft announced plans to acquire them. They had to continue with their original plans as if nothing had changed, because legally nothing has changed. Yet.

The situation will get very interesting once Microsoft officially owns Nokia’s hardware business. They will have to decide what they want to do with the Nokia X, X+, and XL. At the end of the day it will probably come down to how well they are selling and how many new users are accessing Microsoft services. More than likely Microsoft will not want to have anything running Android with their name on it.

So, if you want an Android phone that was built by Nokia you may only have a small window of opportunity. Once Microsoft steps in they will kill this new line of devices and use their Nokia division to build equally cheap Windows Phones. They will be able to work even closer together and cut down all the extra costs that made Android a cheaper option.

The Nokia X is like a laggy unicorn. Grab it before it disappears.


  • Tony Anderson

    You didn’t cite a source confirming that it would be there last Android phone.

  • It’s an editorial.


    I don’t think so, they did for their profit, by selling apps by nokia store, to increase new users for microsoft services….. microsoft is always a business company.