Windows Phone 8.1 shown off running on a Lumia 920 [Video]

Are you ready for the most in-depth look at Windows Phone 8.1 so far? We hope so, because it’s here whether you’re ready or not. A new video shows Windows Phone 8.1 up and running on a Lumia 920. The user goes through several new features for over 3 minutes. We get a great look at several new features, and an idea of how WP 8.1 will work on current phones.

  • Speed Dial
  • Internet Explorer
    • Data Sense for Internet Explorer can now be configured from the main Internet Explorer settings.
    • There appears to be something called “Reading View. We will update the post tomorrow with more details on   the same tomorrow.
    • Password Manager for Web Sites
  • Calendar
    • Week and Year views.
  • Battery Power Sense
    • Opening the Photos hub goes directly to an All Photos view. Facebook and OneDrive albums appear to have finally been nested under online albums, instead of being made visible by default along with your local albums.
  • Storage Sense
    • The Storage settings module has now been renamed to Storage Sense and lets you configure where to store your new Music, Videos & Podcasts, Photos, Apps and Downloads from between your internal storage or SD card.
  • Podcasts
  • Project My Screen
    • Project your phone’s display to a TV, Monitor or Projector using either a wireless Device or USB connectivity.
  • Sync Settings
    • Now you can sync your Theme, Passwords and Internet Explorer data along with App Settings online.

Once again, we don’t get to see the bigger features like Action Center and Cortana. This is still a great look at what to expect from WP 8.1. Microsoft has us all salivating over these new features. We only hope they can live up to the hype.

[via UnleashThePhones]

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