Latest Kantar numbers show 5% Windows Phone market share in the U.S.

Windows Phone 822

Windows Phone has been doing well in countries outside the U.S. in the last few years. Still, Microsoft would love to get sales going in their home country. The latest Kantar numbers are out and Windows Phone has grown in market share in the U.S. and almost every other market.

In the U.S. market share went up from 3% to 5% in a years time. That growth is compared to a 6% growth by Android, .4% loss by BlackBerry, and a whopping 7.7% loss by iOS. Windows Phone saw growth in almost every other market, too. They were down in only China by .7%, Australia by 1.8%, and Japan by .6%.

Once again these are some good numbers. Windows Phone has been slowly on the rise for a while now. It may not be moving as quickly as some would like, but it is still moving nonetheless. Hopefully Windows Phone 8.1 coming later this year will bring in some new users. There has never been a better time to jump on the Windows Phone train!

[via Reddit]

  • evilsushi

    I think the merging of ecosystems Win8 and WinPhone 8 will do more to boost interest in both than anything. It will be tough up hill battle for MS to beat andoid and iOS though.