HTC says new Windows Phone devices are on the way


It’s not every day that we talk about Windows Phone devices from companies other than Nokia, but that is exactly what we are doing now. In the past HTC has been the second biggest supporter of Windows Phone with devices like the 8X and Titan. They’ve been quiet on the Windows phone front ever since the 8X was released, but lately they’ve had a few things to say.

During a Reddit AMA HTC said they were not done with Windows Phone, but they had no plans to announce. Today the president of HTC America said Windows Phone remains to be on the company’s roadmap. He also said that new Windows Phones are on the way, though he did not give a specific time frame.

When Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8.1 in April we will probably hear more about upcoming devices. Nokia obviously has captured the hearts of most Windows Phone fans, but HTC has made some great devices and has fans of their own. The HTC 8X was an excellent Windows Phone 8 device. We hope HTC sticks around with Windows Phone and blows our socks off with a new device this year. Would you be interested in a phone from HTC?

[via Neowin]


  • bikdav

    I’m lost. I thought that HTC was on their way out.

  • iceman

    I fell in love with the Windows Phone device only because of HTC. If it ain’t HTC then I would’ve been left in the dark world of smartphones. Definitely I’ll be first in the line and also have been tweeting Peter Chou.