Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1 shown off on video

ie qp 8.1

Now that we’ve seen most Windows Phone 8.1 features in leaked screenshots we have graduated to videos. The next feature to be shown off on video is Internet Explorer 11. There aren’t a ton of visual changes, but under the hood and settings have a lot of new stuff. Let’s take a look.

The main visual change is the stop/refresh button being moved to the address bar. Now you won’t have to choose between tabs and refresh for the one available button space. Other new features shown off include password saving, which will make many people happy. Reading Mode is also coming to the Windows Phone version of IE. This feature has been in Windows 8.1. for a while. It makes websites easier to read.

Those few changes may not seem like a lot, but they will make a big difference. Microsoft has to compete with Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. Both of those browsers have many more options and features. Internet Explorer has always lagged behind the competition. Now is the time for Microsoft to show how great it can be. Check out the 1:45 minute video below. What do you think?

[via Unleash]


  • W Evan Thomas

    Damn it! I wanted to see the new Tab Page!