The Lumia 1520 will be relaunching for Windows Phone 8.1 with a green version

green 1520

Windows Phone 8.1 has been leaking like crazy in the last few weeks, but one thing we don’t know much about is launch devices. Many people have wondered how Microsoft and Nokia will handle the launch of this new OS update. Will they have new devices like they did with Windows Phone 8? The ever-reliable @evleaks has shared some information on the matter that may leave some people green with envy.

@evleaks tweets “Nokia Lumia 1520 will add a green option when it relaunches on AT&T with Windows Phone 8.1.” This is pretty cool. AT&T will be getting a new color and a version that comes pre-loaded with Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box. Of course, existing Lumia 1520’s will also get WP 8.1, but they won’t have it in green.


If you’re wondering what the Lumia 1520 will look like in green you can see it in the picture above from Nokia’s Facebook page. In that photo it looks like a darker shade than Nokia usually uses, like the one for the Lumia 620. It’s still a pretty neat look. Does anyone plan on picking up a Lumia 1520 in green?


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