MLB At Bat ’14 for Windows Phone sliding into home in March


Last year the MLB waited until half of the baseball season was over before releasing At Bat ’13. This year we are hoping to avoid that, and it looks like so is the MLB. In a blog post today the MLB announced the new At Bat app for 2014 has been released for iOS, Android, Kindle, and BlackBerry. They also mentioned Windows Phone 8.

“A Windows Phone 8 version of At Bat is expected to be available in March.”

March is much better than halfway into the season. Still, we can’t help but feel a little sour. Why are they releasing a BlackBerry app before Windows Phone? Someone over there needs to check the market share numbers from the last few quarters. At Bat ’14 has been slightly redesigned with some new features this year. Look for those to be present in the Windows Phone app as well.

Go Tigers!

[via MLB] Thanks Nik and Sam!


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