Stack is a beautiful Buffer app for Windows Phone 8


If you’re a hardcore social network user you are probably familiar with the popular service Buffer. This service allows users to set specific times every day for things to post to a number of available social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Simply add something to your Buffer and it will get posted at your desired time.

Currently there is not an official Buffer app for Windows Phone, but Stack is a new app that aims to fill the gap. Stack allows users to do everything they would with an official app, but in a beautiful Metro package. You can write and add new updates, publish update immediately, delete and re-schedule, see stats, and even see your Klout score.

Version 1.0 is an excellent start for Stack, but there is more on the way. The dev plans to add even more Klout stats, camera support, and cloud storage for sharing files. Right now Stack is available for a limited time for $1.99 wih no free trial. Soon the price will go up and a free trial will be added. If you’re looking for a great Buffer app this is an easy choice.

Windows Phone Store ($1.99)

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