How to make a wireless charging station out of K’NEX


If you’ve ever been told that LEGO and K’NEX are only for kids you have received some very bad information. One of the best feelings in the world is to build something with your own hands, and LEGO and K’NEX make that very easy. Most people think these “toys” are only good for making other toys. That’s not true at all. Today I will show you how to build a very useful smartphone accessory with just K’NEX.

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate can usually be found online for anywhere between $25-40. It’s a nice little accessory, but it can only sit flat on a table which doesn’t give you great viewing angles. The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand is essentially the same exact thing, except they slapped a little stand underneath to prop it up. You’re looking at an extra $30 for that little stand. We can do better than that.

With just 21 standard K’NEX pieces you can make your very own stand for the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate. It’s a very simple process if you’re familiar with K’NEX construction. Below is a photo of all the pieces you will need for this project.

knew parts

The building process is very easy. Follow these steps.

  1. Slide the purple connectors together to create two larger pieces.
  2. Build a square with 2 red corner connectors, 4 blue rods, and the two combined purple connectors.
  3. Make sure the purple connectors are facing inwards so a blue rod can complete the square.
  4. For strength, place the yellow rod inside the square diagonally.
  5. Connect 2 corner connectors to the purple connectors with small black rods.
  6. Connect the two corner connectors with a blue rod.
  7. Connect the last two corner connectors with a blue rod.
  8. Snap the two white rods into the purple connectors at a 45-degree angle.
  9. Place the corner/blue rob piece at the top of the white rods.

If those directions sound confusing just look at this photo below. It’s not hard to build once you find the right pieces.

knex model

Now you can just set the charging plate inside and set the phone on top. I used a couple small connectors to hold the phone in place. You can use the pieces I used or standard end connectors. Also, if you’re looking to make this more permanent you can hot glue a piece of cardboard to the bottom. The colors of your K’NEX may vary, but the pieces will not. That’s the beauty of K’NEX. Let me know if you built this yourself!


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