The Nokia X will not be coming to North America

Nokia XL-2

Earlier this week Nokia finally unveiled their new “X series” of Android devices. These low-end devices are intended for emerging markets to push Microsoft services. Nokia mentioned that they will be available in the Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. They did not mention anything about North America. Until now.

In a new blog post on Nokia Conversations they said the Nokia X series will be available “pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea, and Japan.” If you were hoping to snag one of these odd devices for funĀ it will be a little tougher to do here in the U.S. Our readers in other countries should be able to get the Nokia X very soon, and the X+ and XL next quarter.

There is always a way to get something sent over here if you want a Nokia X bad enough. However, after seeing how slow and laggy it is you may reconsider. We’ll stick with the Lumia 520 or 521. Do you have any bit of curiosity towards the Nokia X?

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