Best Windows Phone apps & games from the month of February

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February always feels like such a fast month. I guess that’s what happens when there is only 28 days in a month. Still, with only 28 days to work with this was a crazy month for Windows Phone news and app releases. We’re sure you missed at least a few of them. Here is your list of the best apps and games to be released in the month of February, in alphabetical order. Click the app title to download, and be sure to let us know your favorites in the comments!

Ally Bank

ally bank screens

This app makes it super simple for Ally customers to perform simple banking tasks on the go. You can deposit checks with Ally eCheck Deposit, transfer money between Ally and non-Ally accounts, and find nearby ATMs. All you need to use all of these features is the same login info you use for Ally’s online banking.

Bing Health & Fitness

The Bing Health & Fitness app helps you stay on top of health and fitness trends and provides the tools you need to support a healthy lifestyle. Designed for Windows Phone, the Health &  Fitness app brings together great fitness, nutrition and health content, along with trackers, tools and other features.



Booklet operates almost exactly like Facebook Paper. Your newsfeed is displayed with a list of horizontally scrollable cards. You can flick a card up to read more, leave a comment, or like the post. Across the top you can scroll through different sections that are determined by pages you like.


Casts screens

A beautiful new podcast app that is easy to use and just works. Minimalistic design with little or none configurational options necessary. Easy to find new interesting podcasts and also to search for specific podcasts. if you’re unhappy with the stock podcast option in Windows Phone this is a great new app to try.


The GEICO App for Windows Phone 8. More GEICO. More Mobile! The GEICO App for Windows Phone 8 is so easy to use. Quick access to the stuff you want and easy ways to explore your insurance policy. Go ahead, swipe and explore!

Hot Rod Racer


Since “Hot Rod” is in the title of the game you may have guessed this is drag racing. The goal, of course, is to beat your opponent to the finish line. Switching gears with precise timing greatly improves your chances of winning. There is more to it than just winning, though. Different game modes and challenges give you a variety of ways to play the game.

Jolly Fish

Jolly Fish looks like a pretty standard Flappy Bird clone, but it’s actually really well done. The gameplay is the same as Flappy Bird: simply tap the screen to make the jellyfish swim down. That’s right, in this version a tap makes the jelly fish go down. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. We also really love the graphics and music in this simple game.

Magnify (formerly FlipMag)

flipmag screens

FlipMag is a beautiful news/RSS reader for Windows Phone 8. It has many things in common with Flipboard, but it also stands on its own with some cool features. The design of the app is absolutely gorgeous. After choosing topics you’re interested in FlipMag creates a custom “start screen” with “tiles” for every news source.

Modern Mayor

In this game from Nokia you play as the head planner for a dying city. Pollution is choking the air and trash is piling up in the streets. It’s your job to save the city and turn it into the green metropolis it once was. If you’re a fan of city simulation games this will be a great game to play. You get to build roads, apartments, office building, malls, and much more.

NBC Live Extra

nbc live extra

With this app you get access to 1,000 hours of live event coverage from NBC and sister channels. Besides all 15 sports and 98 medal events from the Olympics, you also get access to NHL Playoff games, Formula One racing, French Open tennis, and Major League Soccer. With programming schedules and event alerts you will never miss a sporting event again.


This is certainly not a new app, but it did get a whole new name this month. After losing in a trademark case Microsoft was forced to change the name of SkyDrive. Now we have OneDrive. is the most full-featured Pinterest app for Windows Phone. If you can do it on the Pinterest website, you can do it with Create pins, upload from phone, pin from website, repin, save pin images to phone, pin to your Start Screen your favorite users and boards with 4 different live tile styles.



Poki is a gorgeous full-featured Pocket client for Windows Phone. It has a completely customizable reading view, offline capability with detailed storage overview, listen (pause/resume/stop) to articles with automatic language detection, reading and listening position are stored for each article, 3 themes available, and much more.



Currently there is not an official Buffer app for Windows Phone, but Stack is a new app that aims to fill the gap. Stack allows users to do everything they would with an official app, but in a beautiful Metro package. You can write and add new updates, publish update immediately, delete and re-schedule, see stats, and even see your Klout score.

Treasure Tag

This is a companion app for the Nokia Treasure Tag accessory. With this app you will pair to Treasure Tags and be able to name them, manage notifications, and track on a map. The Treasure Tag is not yet available, but this app will be ready when they go on sale. It’s a really neat idea if you find yourself losing things a lot.

Tube Cast

windows phone chromecast

Tube Cast is the first Windows Phone app that can send videos to a Chromecast. It doesn’t offer much else in terms of features, but if you’re looking to share some YouTube videos this is your only option.


TuneBites is a light hearted music puzzle game designed to help you pass time. Simply select a combination of genres you wish to be tested in, the app curates a playlist for you, playing a snippet of each track. You have to select the correct track form a list of similar tracks.

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