GEICO Insurance comes to Windows Phone 8


We’ve said in the past that banking apps are a big indicator of an OS’ popularity. Sure, getting the big name apps is important, but banks start popping up that’s a very good sign. The latest to jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon is GEICO Insurance.

You’ve heard of GEICO before. If you haven’t you are really good at tuning out TV commercials. Their most famous mascot is the gecko, but they also have a talking pig, several others. And everybody knows¬†15 Minutes Could Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance. Their Windows Phone app lets you do everything you would want. FUll list of features below.

  • Access all your GEICO policies
  • Access and view digital ID cards
  • Pay your bill
  • Change your payment plan
  • View your discounts and coverage detail
  • Quote adding, replacing or removing a vehicle
  • View reported claim details, upload accident photos and report a claim on
  • View driver and vehicle information
  • Update your contact information
  • Email GEICO securely from the app

Download below for free if you are a GEICO customer. Say hello to the geck for me.

download WP

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