InPrivate browsing and Tab Syncing in IE 11 for Windows Phone 8 shown off

IE 11 WP 81

A few days ago we saw a video of Internet Explorer 11 in Windows Phone 8.1 i action. A few new features were discovered, but not the big ones we’ve been waiting for. Today those have been leaked by the reliable¬†UnleashthePhones. Two big features from the desktop version of IE will be available on Windows Phones for the first time: InPrivate browsing and Tab Sync.

InPrivate Browsing

This is Microsoft’s version of “Incognito Mode.” When you are in InPrivate mode Internet Explorer will not store cookies, temporary files, history, or other data. When using InPrivate mode there will be a blue indicator in the URL bar to let you know. Opening a new InPrivate tab is done through the tabs page.

Tab Sync

Tab Sync is finally available on Windows Phone devices. When you have syncing turned on in Windows 8 you will be able to see an “other” tab on the Tabs page. Swipe over to it to see what tabs are open on your computer. The feature will work on Windows 8 for seeing what is open on your phone. This is a very cool feature, assuming you actually use Internet Explorer on a PC or tablet.

Are you happy with these new Internet Explorer features?


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