New Facebook Messenger app will come pre-loaded with Windows Phone 8.1

FB Messenger WP

During Microsoft’s small press event at MWC they mentioned some new apps that will be coming to Windows Phone soon. One of those apps was Facebook Messenger. Facebook “Chat” is currently built into the stock Messaging app in Windows Phone, but it severely lags behind in features. In the last few years Facebook has completely revamped their chat service.

Facebook Messenger can now do things like group chats. send messages to phone numbers, send photos, add stickers, and much more. It’s a really great messaging app, and it should only get better with Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp. The latest rumor says that not only will Facebook Messenger be coming to Windows Phone, but it will also come pre-loaded on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Microsoft and Facebook have a great relationship, so while this is still very much a rumor it would not be surprising.

Do you use Facebook Messenger? Do you still use the Facebook integration in the Windows Phone Messaging app? What messaging app do you prefer?

[via wmpu]


  • “great relationship” Then I don’t know why Facebook doesn’t make an Facebook app for WP by itself

  • The first Facebook app for WP7 was built by Microsoft. The current version was not.

  • Otto

    the app is horrible it looks at everything on your phone and shares it with facebook, messenger build in was better. Facebook mobile or app is great for the other stuff.