Android/Windows Phone dual-booting devices could arrive within 6 months


In the PC world we are starting to see more devices that dual-boot Android and Windows. That practice hasn’t been very popular so far, but it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from trying. A new report is now claiming that at least one manufacturer has signed an agreement to do it with on phones too. A dual-booting Android/Windows Phone device has been rumored in the past, but now it may come true.

The Times of India reports that Karbonn, an Indian phone manufacturer, has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft and plans to release a handset (or handsets) with Android and Windows Phone. They plan to release these devices in six months time, but who will buy them is the real question.

Dual-booting devices have always had one fatal flaw. Consumers just don’t like switching back and forth. At the end of the day they will always end up choosing one over the other. In the case of a device with Windows Phone and Android we fear that users would end up not giving WP a chance because the Android side has more apps. Is this a good or bad idea?

[via Phandroid]

  • robjackson81

    I don’t think dual boot is the solution moving forward. In the end, consumers choose their favorite solution and stick with it. There are plenty of users who have a Mac computer and an Android phone or a Windows PC and an iPhone, but for the most part people don’t complain about the cross platform issues. If it’s a concern, they end up just owning all iOS/Apple products or using Android with Windows/Linux/Ubuntu/etc… or dealing with whatever.

    This was a really interesting idea 4 years ago, when the platforms weren’t as mature and each was more limited in nature, but at this point… consumers will mostly just choose the platform that fits them and the device best and pick one.

  • Steve

    yes, dual boot maybe for geeks. A more integrated solution like Andyware from novapx is much better…

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