Nokia “Martini” is the next device to be rumored with Windows Phone 8.1


Now that we know almost everything about Windows Phone 8.1 it’s time to start turning our attention to the devices that will ship with it. Nokia and Samsung have a few rumored devices so far, and over the weekend @evleaks added yet another Nokia device to that list.

The most recent device Nokia announced wasn’t even running Windows Phone, but this rumored device will be. @evleaks says to look out for a device code-named “Martini” to be another “Windows Phone Blue” handset. We know that Windows Phone Blue will be Windows Phone 8.1.

Unfortunately that’s all we know about this device. @evleaks says to look out for the device, so we anticipate more leaks coming our way soon. With a code-name like “Martini” we’re expecting a very classy device. Maybe Nokia will break out the aluminum again, like they did for the Lumia 925. We’ll have to keep waiting to see more of this device. Hopefully Microsoft will have more device news next month.

[@evleaks via Pocket Now]

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