[Poll] Are you a Windows Phone fanboy?

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Yet another interesting discussion is going on over in r/windowsphone. A Redditor has created a post titled “Self Realization: I’m a Shill.” In the body of the post he goes on to explain how he once used an iPhone, but now he has purchased a Windows 8 device, Xbox One, and a Windows Phone. He also explains that he has become “that guy” by trolling his phone to people unsolicited.

Are you the same way?

The Microsoft community is fun because in a lot of ways we are the underdogs. And as you know, it’s always fun to root for an underdog. Many Windows Phone (and Windows) users feel the need to tell people how much they love their devices, because if they don’t who will? The position of “Windows Phone Evangelist” has been filled by hundreds of dedicated users.

This is all fine and good if it doesn’t go too far. Not everyone wants to know about how cool your phone is, and a Windows Phone isn’t right for everyone. You can actually turn people off from Windows Phone or other Microsoft products by being too excited. Don’t you hate it when someone feels the need to tell you they have an iPhone? Don’t be that guy.

Let us know in the poll below if you feel like a “shill.” Elaborate in the comments about how you talk about Windows Phone to others!

  • McHale72

    I just converted someone from their iPhone 4s to the Lumia 1020 today in fact.

  • Without a doubt, 100% #WinPhan!! So much so that I founded a community of Windows Phone Fans called #WinPhan! Proud and loving it! :D

  • bartdog

    You get more converts by playing it cool.

  • I like the term “WinPhan” because it doesn’t have the negative connotation as “fanboy.”

    Keep up the good work!

  • Nick Mantzoros

    I am a rational human being who happens to enjoy Windows Phone but knows the benefits of other OS’

  • I’m glad some Facebook friends of mine are going to switch to Windows Phone due to Cortana. As for me, I prefer WP (in this case, Lumia) because I have a sense of security: no rooting or jailbreaking.

  • Nham Thien Duong


  • Nham Thien Duong

    I’ve converted several people, and I always scream Windows Phone, but I keep using the other O.S.’es for comparison, and I’m not set in stone to be pro-Windows Phone, I just like having a phone that has full integration with my P.C. :-D

  • Nham Thien Duong

    ”Aficionado” Fanboy always dictates that the person is young and male.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This also describes me the best. :-)

  • Thank you Joe! Our biggest concerns are the wonderful folks in our community.

  • donzebe

    Keep the good job going

  • I’m just interested in tech and mobile. Personally have never used WinPhone outside of demos and messing with friends handsets because I’m deep in other ecosystems and can’t afford a third/fourth.

  • TechAtheis

    Reading this post, with fanboys screaming: “i converted this guy.. I converted my friends to WP”. Never thought this to be some cult or a new religion or something. Sadly, WPis not even worth comparing to Android or IOS both in user base and community. And this are fact. How many people uses WP phone? None that I know of. How good is it? Not so much. Does marketplace offers many apps? No. How many smartphone manufactures is deeply involved in WP platform? Only Nokia as the rest comes out with one or few devices then no more. All of this rubbish is enough to convince a sound and rational user to not place even a dollar for a phone that may not get upgraded to WP9, should it be released. Get real*

  • amp0ra

    I killed my lumia 920 screen on a party, b/c i was proving “the audience” how strong it was…
    (i was buzzed, and hit the the screen in the middle with a bottle, accidentally i also hit the earpiece… followed by cracks all over the screen… which I didn’t notice and kept bashing it in the middle.
    BUT!! the LCD was still working in prime condition! :-)
    loooovee iiittt ^^ (ofcourse i talked about some windows phone features too :p)