Rudy Huyn’s next app may be a Dropbox app arriving later today


Rudy Huyn, the infamous Windows Phone developer, is at it again with another app. This time he is being a bit more secretive of his project, but he did show off the screenshot above. Rudy has been working on the app at MWC and it should be available later today. From the screenshot we can see it is obviously some sort of cloud storage app. All signs point to Dropbox.

Dropbox currently does not have an official Windows Phone app, though there are some decent 3rd-party apps available. Rudy wouldn’t make a OneDrive app when Microsoft already has that covered, and we doubt he would do anything with Google, which only really leaves Dropbox. Another possibility is that this app combines several different cloud services. He’s also showing how different folders can be pinned to Start.

We’ll let you know as soon as the app goes live in the Store. Do you think it’s a Dropbox app or something else? Are you a Dropbox user?

[via Twitter]

  • Kevin Thomas

    I’m so looking forward to anything he develops for us WP users.