Windows 8.1 Update 1 gets finalized before April release


All the attention has been on Windows Phone 8.1 lately, but Microsoft also has a big update coming for tablets and PCs. Windows 8.1 Update 1 has been leaked a lot in the past, and now we are hearing that Microsoft has put the finishing touches on this next version of Windows. It has reached RTM status, which means manufactures can now start implementing it in their devices.

The biggest changes in Update 1 are for the desktop and for keyboard and mouse users. Metro apps can be pinned to the desktop taskbar, and the taskbar can even be displayed while using full screen Metro apps. There is also a new title bar across the top of Metro apps that allows mouse users to close and snap the app easier. The Start Screen has an easier to find power button and search button, and right clicking on tiles brings up a more familiar menu.

All of these features will go a long way toward making Windows 8 better on traditional PCs. That has been a big problem for many people, since touchscreen devices are still not the majority. Microsoft has tipped Update 1 for this Spring. We’re still not sure what they will call it, but “Windows 8.2” is a likely possibility. Are you excited for this big update?

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[via The Verge]

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