How to fix notification bugs in Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

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The official Facebook Messenger app was just released for Windows Phone users. It’s a beautiful app with all the features we’ve been missing, but some users have been reporting a few bugs. Most of these bugs are related to notifications. We have a few solutions that you can try to solve the problems.

Blank Chat Thread

The most common problem that we’ve seen is users being greeted with a blank chat thread when accessing the app from a toast notification. For some reason the problem only happens in certain conversations. If you tap “back” and then choose the conversation from the list it appears correctly. The only solution we’ve found for this is re-installing the app. It hasn’t worked for everyone.

Double Notifications

This isn’t really a bug, but it can be annoying. If you use the regular Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app you may be seeing notifications of new messages from both. Simple go into the “Notifications” settings from the Facebook app and uncheck “Message.” Now you will only get notifications of new messages from Facebook Messenger.

Hopefully Facebook addresses these issues soon. It’s a really great app, but it lacks voice support and has these annoying bugs. Have you had any problems with Facebook Messenger?


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