The best Twitter app for Windows is shutting down


Another popular Twitter app bites the dust. In the wake of Twitter’s API changes many 3rd-party apps have been rendered useless. Once they reach a certain amount of users the┬átoken limit prevents any new users from using the app. The latest app to meet this doom is MetroTwit.

MetroTwit has been the go-to Twitter app for Windows users since around 2010. They even released a very nice Windows 8 app back in 2012. The MetroTwit team has removed all download links from their website, and the existing apps will receive no more support or updates. If you already have MetroTwit installed you can continue to use it.

It’s really a shame that Twitter has made it so difficult for 3rd-party apps to flourish. Apps like MetroTwit are what helped Twitter to grow and become so popular. They are turning their back on all the developers that made using Twitter easy. Now all we have are the official Twitter apps. If you are looking for a desktop Twitter app try the officially sanctioned TweetDeck app. RIP MetroTwit.

[via MetroTwit]

  • It is still my go-to desktop Twitter client for Windows. I have the official app downloaded, but it doesn’t use screen realestate well at all. It’s just a huge version of the mobile feed.

    I understand that Twitter wants to control how things use their service, but limiting things like this with no out for successful apps/businesses is really stupid. Let them pay into another token tier or something. Allow their success to help you overall, Twitter; don’t punish them for making your experience better.