Top 5 Weather Apps for Windows Phone 8

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Way back in February of 2012 we did the “Weather Apps Showdown.” In that video we showcased some of the best weather apps available for Windows Phone. A lot has changed in over two years. A lot. Live tiles are the perfect canvas for weather apps, which make them some of the best available on the platform. Here is our list of the top 5 weather apps for Windows Phone.

1. Weather Flow

Weather Flow

The question I get almost every time I make a video is “what is that weather app on your Start Screen?” The answer for almost two years has been “Weather Flow.” This is one of my all time favorite Windows Phone apps. I first started using Weather Flow because of the beautiful live tiles, but it also has a gorgeous design and lockscreen support. In the app you can see current conditions, and hourly and daily forecasts. I can’t recommend this app enough.

2. Bright Weather


Bright Weather is a relatively new app, but it offers a superb experience. Most of the apps in this list use the flat metro UX, but Bright Weather dares to try something different. It uses cartoon/realistic icons and animations within the app and on the live tiles. This is one of the few apps that pulls off the non-traditional look for a Windows Phone app. Of course, none of this would matter if it didn’t offer great data, which it does.

3. Amazing Weather HD


Following one of the newest apps on the list is one of the oldest. Amazing Weather HD has been around since the days of WP7, but it still sees regular updates. The best thing about this app is all the options. You can have a Metro UX or realistic, animations or no animations, and don’t even get us started on live tile options. If you need a powerful weather apps with options up the wazoo give Amazing Weather HD a try.

4. breez


Sometimes the simplest apps can be the best. Not everyone needs to see a detailed radar map and historical precipitation numbers. Some people just want to know what the temperature is, and breez is the perfect app for that. The home screen simply displays the current condition and temperature, but with simple gestures you can see a 3 day forecast, the next 24 hours, and other locations. It’s minimalistic and awesome.

5. 4castr


4castr is like breez with more data to look at. This app also utilizes gestures to display a bunch of weather information. You can swipe up or down to see progressively more in-depth data, and left to right to see upcoming days. This is a great app for the design conscious weather buff. You get every bit of data you could want, plus some beautiful design.

Honorable Mention

These are apps that we like, but just missed the top 5: Vieather, Metroah, Bing Weather, Flat Weather, AccuWeather, Weather.

What weather app do you use? Do you agree with our list? What apps should we have included? Let us know below!


  • The only one I’ve I tried is breez, but I dropped it in favor of Bing, because breez won’t update via Wi-Fi.

  • joeinoklahoma

    Bing weather is simple and full of info. weatherbug app is not very great, but the map is the best I have seen

  • PsychoMania (Steve)

    Almost a year since weather flow was last updated, has it been abandoned? I use amazing weather HD and love it.

  • It has been a while, but it still works great. Hopefully they haven’t forgotten about it.