If this 8 year old kid can make a Windows Phone app so can you


So, you don’t think you’re smart enough to build a Windows Phone app? Think you have to be a coding genius with design skills? An eight year old kid has developed a Windows Phone app that has been download over 500 times. What’s your excuse now?

Mohamed Tariq, an eight year old from Boston, built an app called “Kids Zone” that aggregates online videos from popular cartoons. Mohamed is not a kid genius. He just went to Nokia DVLUP with his dad and used App Studio to build his Kids Zone app. This is the perfect example at how easy it is to make your own Windows Phone apps with App Studio. The only limit is your own imagination, which kids have in excess.

Windows Phone App Studio was launched back in August to allow the average consumer to easily make their own app. With the simple web interface people have created over 300,000 projects and 20,000 published apps. If you want to get creative with App Studio hit the link below for more information. Don’t let an eight year old kid show you up.

More about Windows Phone App Studio

[via Windows Blog]

  • Kaushik


  • Sij

    What’s your excuse to not develop decent WP and RT apps for Winsource?
    Still need to open a browser to comment after reading in the app (WP only).
    What I love about the new MS ecosystem is that apps offer much greater experience for touch and are focused on what I wanted to accomplish.
    To be honest websites just bring in too much fluff