Cortana goes mainstream, makes it into The Tonight Show monologue


When Microsoft’s upcoming Cortana voice-assistant leaked in a video earlier this week it was incredibly popular. At one point it was trending on both Twitter and Facebook. Cortana was so popular that it even made it into Jimmy Fallon’s opening monologue on The Tonight Show.

Late night talk show monologues are usually a good indicator of what’s trending in the world. The Cortana joke was only a brief bit that included a John Travolta joke, but that’s still very impressive for something that’s not even official. It doesn’t get much more mainstream than The Tonight Show, which means millions of Americans are now aware that Microsoft is building a Siri competitor.

It’s amazing that Cortana is so popular already. This is a blessing and a curse for Microsoft. You want people to be excited for a new product, but now there is a ton of hype to deal with. If Cortana is anything but amazing it will be a disappointment. At the very least maybe we can start hearing more Cortana jokes instead of Siri. Did you catch this on The Tonight Show?


  • Joe

    Someone in Redmond is being yelled at by their boss

  • blackhawk556

    Why? Its being talked about weeks before its even announced. Free promo and buzz.

  • jiga

    what a bunch of jealous sour apple isheep. Cortana is much better than crapy Siri.