Throne Together is the new Xbox for Windows Phone game


The flow of new Xbox for Windows Phone games has slowed down considerably in the last year, so it’s always good when we get a new game. Throne Together is that new game this week. This game has been around in some countries since January without Xbox Live support, but now it is available everywhere full of achievements. With a price tag of $0 this is a nice game to pick up. Let’s take a look.

Throne Together will remind you of Tetris-style games. Each level starts with a partially constructed castle. It’s your job to add pieces to the castle without causing it to fall down. The key is to distribute the pieces so they don’t put too much weight on any part of the castle. The game starts you out with just one piece to choose from, but as the game progresses you get more options. The pieces can be rotated to fit the way you want.

The controls are simple drag to drop, tap to rotate. After completing a level you will get a numerical score and a three star rating. Now here’s the bad news. Throne Together uses an energy system like many new games. Lives need time to recharge, but you can use real money to make them recharge instantly. You can also ask Facebook friends for new lives. Because everyone loves that.

Download Throne Together for Windows Phone 8 for free below. It’s also available for Windows 8/RT devices. Enjoy!

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