Are you a #WinPhan? Show it with these Windows Phone wallpapers!

winpha wp

If you’ve been a Windows Phone user for a while you’ve probably heard of the #WinPhan community. This group of fans is dedicated to spreading the word about Windows Phone. The community was started by Sean Johnson and has steadily grown with Windows Phone. We love the WinPhans, and all the work they do,  so we thought it would be cool to make a custom set of wallpapers for them.

Windows + Phone + Fan + WinPhan. That’s the idea we took into making these wallpapers. They come in eight different colors to match all the colorful Windows Phone devices out there. The wallpapers are in 1920 x 1080 resolution so they can look great even on the Lumia 1520. Pick your favorite color and proudly display your Windows Phone love right on your lock screen.

Tap or click the wallpaper you want to save the full size. (If you’re in the WinSource app open the page in the browser to see the gallery) Enjoy!

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